Growler filling

Unlike other affectionately named ‘Growlers’ to which there are many different connotations, some of those include references to pork pies, icebergs (not the lettuce type), four wheeled cabs or individuals whose visual appearance isn’t going to win any hearts, we’re bringing a Growler that is unique and a little different for Skipton.

Here at The Growling Shrew we can make assurances that our Growlers are neither made of pastry, can sink the Titanic or have wheels, but they could potentially assist in making some ladies or gentlemen appear slightly more appealing if the right goggles are worn.

How it works

At The Growling Shrew you are able to purchase one (or several) of our 1 litre refillable Growler bottles and choose a fill from any of the 6 available kegged beers or ciders.  Located within the shop, you can watch your Growler being filled by our countertop pressurised filling system before taking it away to enjoy.  We have a constantly changing selection of beers and ciders available to fill your empty Growler as frequently as you choose.

What's available to take away today

Due to recent changes in Covid-19 rules, we are continuing to try to maintain a safe shopping and working environment.  We would like your support with your continued wearing of face coverings as well as the continuation of hand sanitising and social distancing.
We appreciate your support and patience.



See our latest selection for Growler refills currently available.


Most 1 & 2 litre glass growlers or flagons can be filled. If you haven't already got a growler or would like another, our 1 litre growlers are available to purchase at £6.00.
(the fill price is in addtion to the initial cost of the bottle)


Our loyalty scheme also offers FREE growler refills.



Coffee Stout  //  Stout

ABV: 6.0%

Firebrand Brewing Co.



Don't Over Think Your Socks  //  DDH Pale Ale

ABV: 6.2%

Nightjar Brew Co.



Mandrill  //  Berry Gose

ABV: 4.2%

Missing Link Brewery



Paper White //  Extra Pale Ale

ABV: 4.6%

McColl's Brewery



Don't forget to bring your clean Growler. Also, why not pick up another bottle if you want a couple of fills or you just can't decide and want more than just one of what's available.

You and Your Growler


Once we’ve fed your Growler it’s back over to you.  To ensure you’ve got a happy Growler, it will need to be kept upright in a cool dark place.  Your fridge door is probably the best and handiest spot.  Once opened, for optimum taste your Growler’s contents will need to be consumed within 2-3 days.

When your Growler needs feeding again, give it a thorough clean (following the three steps below) and we’ll be ready to fill it up for you to enjoy again and again and again and again!


To be a responsible owner and ensure you maintain a healthy Growler, you will need to follow these three easy steps before each fill.


With an empty Growler, you’re ready to start cleaning. To rinse, fill it with hot water, give it a right good swirl and empty out.  (Repeat this step 3 times with fresh hot water each time).


Stand your Growler upside down and allow it to air dry completely.  A damp Growler can harbour bacteria and will affect the taste of your Growler’s next fill.


Do not seal/cap your clean and empty Growler once it’s dry, your Growler needs to breathe as stagnant air can promote bacteria growth.

If your Growler is mouldy or smells funky you will need to repeat step one until it’s clean and the funk has gone.  Do not use detergents as they may linger and taint the next fill.


When you bring in your Growler to be filled, we will visually inspect it and take a sniff to make sure it is clean.  If it isn’t, we will not be able to fill your Growler and if it is damaged you will need to purchase a new one from us.