Update as promised..Sorry, it’s a bit lengthy!

Well, this week has felt like we have been dancing to the tune of the ‘okey cokey’ – one minute we’re open, the next we’re closed and then we’re allowed to open again!

We have decided to continue to keep the shop closed at this present time; however, as we have no idea if/when a total lockdown is coming, we will offer a delivery service THIS WEEKEND to the local area (e.g Skipton, Barnoldswick) to help you get topped up and limit your trips out. However, we obviously cannot guarantee we will be able to offer this moving forwards or even next week. Please accept our apologies that we cannot cater for growler re-refills but will include small packaging beer/cider plus gin, fever tree tonics plus we have a small number of bottles of rum left! We will also need to make the minimum order £30.

As we have no specific online webshop, we can only take payment via online banking (BACS payment) and we therefore have no real way of allowing you to select specific certain beers for your ‘basket’. Therefore, although it’s not gonna be ideal, what we are suggesting is that if you can send us an order request detailing the types of beers you would like to receive (e.g. a mixture of pales and IPA’s, just darks, the odd sour thrown in etc) with a rough price guide we can put this together, advise you of the exact price, you pay and then we deliver 😁 Sounds simple in theory but we could come across some snags…but hey ho, that’s how we like to roll and I’m sure you will bear with us in these testing times.

We have already made up some ‘grab bags’ which are discounted stock (shorter BBE date) on them ranging from between £15-25, so please let us know if these are of interest.
PLEASE CAN YOU ONLY SEND ANY ORDER REQUESTS TO OUR EMAIL ACCOUNT: bottles@thegrowlingshrew.com so that we can keep track of and monitor one communication stream.

Phew, think that’s everything for now, look forward to hearing from you if we can help you out.

Thanks everyone 🍻