Make A Movie

Polly's Brew Co. (Wales)


New England Pale Ale  //  5.8% abv

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As anyone who has followed the brewery for long enough, they love to make little callbacks to previous beers, whether it’s through similar names, hopping techniques, or scaling up or down, dropping those little easter eggs into their brew plans is their brewers way of hitting that nostalgia button. Make a Movie calls back to one of their favourite beers of last year, Oh My.. with its top-end ABV of 5.8% and reeled back dry-hop bill, consisting of Polly’s stalwart Citra, and a varietal that’s rapidly becoming a new in-house favourite, Talus. With a hearty lashing of Citra in the whirlpool, the result is a pale ale bursting with grapefruit and tropical notes, backed up with some dried rose and sage complexity from Talus, before rounding off with plenty of bitterness to keep things in check.

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