‘The Swanky’ Mystery Pack (Stout, Porter & Dark)


Stout & Porter  //  Various % abv



This Mystery Beer Pack offers a variety of Stouts, Porters and other dark beers (cans and bottles) from a variety of producers. Within this pack there may be some higher-end and high % abv products included, as a result the average number of products may fluctuate between packs but we aim to be able to offer at least 10 different beers.

Each mystery beer pack will have a normal retail price of at least £50.00 when collated.




There is no guarantee that we will be able offer the same Mystery Beer Pack variety more than once when purchased seperately.  It is possible that we may put togther a pack offering similar products within a previous Mystery Beer Pack but we will aim to offer differences between packs.

If you require muliple packs that are identical , for example: a beer tasting group. Please contact us prior to ordering and we will endeavour to assist with your request. 

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