Valencia Orange Gin (20cl)

Black Powder Distillery


Gin  //  37.5% abv

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The taste of summer! Its name comes from the city of Valencia, Spain, known through history for its sweet orange trees, though believed to be a descendant of the sweet oranges of China. Incredibly popular in Califonrnia & Florida, in fact William Wolfskill patended the hybrid fruit before selling to the Irvine Ranch owners, who would plant nearly half of their lands to its cultivation. The success of this crop in Southern California led to the naming of Orange County, California.

The Valencia Orange is the ultimate juicy orange, bursting with sweet citrus flavour. Combine this with their flavoursome gin base served over lots of ice with either an Indian tonic (or Elderflower tonic for a more sherberty taste) and garnished with lots of fresh mint and slices of orange and you have an exceedingly delcious summer treat!

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