What we sell

Although The Growling Shrew is quintessentially an off-licence, we aim to do things very differently from the normal off-licence.  We endeavour to know our products, the stories and people behind them and therefore appreciate the hard work that goes into bringing them to market.  

We offer a range of core products and constantly evolving ranges and brands which you may not have seen or tried before.  One off brews and seasonal specials are also frequently available due in part to the small scale of some producers or their continued drive and enthusiasm to try new ingredients and evolving production methods. 

As well as bottled and canned beverages, you can also purchase and take-away fresh from the keg beer and cider within your own Growler, before returning with an empty Growler for a refill.

Additionally, we offer gift boxed products, gift certificates and tasting events for you to take advantage of.


Many of the styles that you could find stocked by The Growling Shrew include:

IPA, DIPA, Helles style Lager, Pale Ale, Kolsh style Lager, Porter, Stout, Pilsner, Blonde Beer, Wheat Beer, Saison, Kettle Sour, Red/Amber/Brown Ale, Fruit Beer, Bitter, Still Cider, Sparkling Cider, Perry, London Dry Gin, Navy Strength Gin, Fruit Gin and Gin Liqueur to name a few.


In order to bring some of the UK’s most amazing craft and traditional beers, ciders and artisan gins we stock a wide selection of brands.